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Founded by experienced entrepreneurs and builders, Voyager Houses UK offers a variety of products and services for customers throughout the UK. We are always looking for new opportunities to show our knowledge and experience, whether you require construction services or expert architectural consultancy solutions. If you’re interested in our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Houses on Wheels

Created with high-quality wood, our houses-on-wheels are optimised for both accommodation and exploration, built on a detachable trailer for ultimate mobility. Our wood-framed houses are ready for all seasons and compatible with all utilities on the move.

Static Houses

We also provide houses on foundations, with the same precision and ingenuity that we bring to our houses-on-wheels. Easily transported with a truck or a crane, our static houses can be placed on the foundations and location of your choice and are ready to plug into utilities upon delivery

Off-Grid Energy Systems

If you want to go off-grid with your house’s energy supply, we offer countless solutions to suit your needs. As well as helping you find the optimal system for your house, we will install and implement everything for you, as we have done many times before.

Smart House Solutions

Our homes can be equipped with various smart devices to make living even more comfortable and convenient. These devices include:

Smart House Solutions

  • Sensors

  • Lights

  • Smart Locks

  • Speakers

  • Screens

Architectural Consulting

Architecture is our speciality. We understand that building a house is a personal process and we are here to help you make your ideas a reality. Wherever you need our expertise, we will provide you with the right solution and deliver your ideal house, whether furnished or unfurnished.

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Whether you require architectural consultancy or construction services, we’ve got you covered.

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