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As well as producing high-quality tiny houses, we provide smart house solutions, off-grid energy systems, and expert architectural consultancy services.

Quality Craftsmanship

With extensive experience of building wood-framed houses in Europe, we have the knowledge and intuition to deliver high-quality tiny houses. We’ve made the mistakes and we’ve already learned from them, so our products just keep getting better.

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At Voyager Houses, we design and create an array of wood-framed houses for clients throughout the UK. The company we work with who build the tiny houses has more than 10 years experience and our construction company offers solutions that are optimised for your needs. Providing consummate craftsmanship on every job, we take pride in our attention to the little details while also delivering on functionality and durability. Whether you’re looking for a static structure or a house on wheels, we build the home you imagine for yourself. Get in touch today to discover more.

Architectural Engineering

The theory and design of architecture are as important to the construction process as any other part of it. Specialising in this field, we get involved from the very first ideas and designs to ensure you get the most from any project. We also carefully choose the best eco-friendly materials for your needs and budget.

Why Choose Us?

Free Consultation 

Backed by knowledge and experience, we will help you build a tiny house that suits your needs and wishes.

High Quality

We treat every order with equal importance, which is how we have developed our reputation for great results.

Reasonable Prices

Offering an unbeatable quality/price ratio, we don’t build cheap houses, we build cost-effective ones


 Confident of our quality workmanship, we guarantee all types of work..

Individual Approach

Paying close attention to clients’ wishes, we carefully tailor solutions to your needs and budget.

Healthy and Eco-Friendly

We always select safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly materials to suit your requirements.

Premium Materials and Designs

Our construction company specialises in creating mobile and static wood-framed houses.

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The location is wonderful. :) Everything is new and chosen with great taste, and the landscape exceeded our expectations. From the terrace of the house I had a view of the pine forest and the lake. The hosts, although we did not meet them physically, were very nice to us and suggested routes to visit, gave us some directions to feel as comfortable as possible in the location and suggested a place where we could order food. We will definitely be back.

Oana - Romania


The whole experience was superlative. The dream location, exactly what I've been looking for a long time. We were lucky to catch the cherry blossoms, all green and wonderful. The host, extraordinary. Too bad the pictures can't show exactly what the eyes see, because that's the only way to do justice to reality. We can't wait to come back! PS. Thank you for the perfect opportunity to make the perfect gift for your loved one!

Renata - Romania

A different Experience

We really liked the accommodation, the location is absolutely beautiful, from the comfort of the bed we felt like we were outside. Inevitably you look around all the time, attracted by the view. We also made routes nearby, at the directions received from the host. It was clean, warm, everything needed. I would return here, it is among the most unique accommodations in Romania where we stayed. The host was nice, she contacted us on the day of the check-in with all the necessary information.

Diana - Romania